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Physical goods will remain the largest piece

Media Storage

Commitment to Replicate Media Excellence


Vinyl 7" / Vinyl 12"

Yong Tong-V is a lifestyle record pressing manufacturing for 7" & 12" inch records with printing and packaging. All production steps are conducted in our manufacturing plant. We help you produce a spectacular analogue media product at reasonable cost.

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From a low-end undifferentiated VCD market player at inception stage, Yong Tong started to focus on the high-end IT CD-Rom market in 1999.



Capitalizing on the trend of more companies bundling and giving away CD / DVD as a means to add value and promote their products, Yong Tong diversified its customer base to serve top tier publishing, toys, and promotion industry players in 2005.


BD25 / BD50

As a serious participant to embrace the technical advancement of the replication industry, Yong Tong has built a state-of-art full fledged Blu-ray facilities in 2010.


Cassette tape

Cassette was one of the two most common formats for prerecorded music in 1980’s. Up to now, cassette is not totally eliminated throughout the media evolution. Many people still wish to have their own unique cassette and share this vintage media to friends or community.

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USB flash memory sticks

Specialized in the utilization of USB flash memory sticks, with a customized pre-recorded services and bearing with your logo.