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To retain the craftsmanship of Vinyl disc.

Everything about Vinyl

There is no doubt that Vinyl Disc is an old man surviving in the world for more than 100 years. Emile Berliner patented the Vinyl Disc (Gramophone Record) in 1887. It is an analogue sound storage medium. The phonograph plays the sound with a needle that touches the groove which then transfers the vibrations to a diaphragm.

So, why vinyl now?

We are an independent Guang Zhou based replicator founded in 1997. Starting with a simple idea to run a clean and law-binding factory with a group of passionate young people, we entered the market humbly with 2 CD lines and 1 silkscreen printer at a 9,000 sqft shopfloor.

Riding along with the digital media’s evolution, we went through the product cycles and the turbulent economic environment to produce CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc in the past 17 years.

In 2014, our sales people and factory team members have collectively developed a vision to build YongTong as a lasting company to serve our industry, “produce lasting media for the world profitably and responsibly forever”. At the same time, we see the resurgence of vinyl records and lack of supply in Asia. We are extending our product format to cover this classical media. We are dedicated to extend the life period of this precious craftsmanship, with our expertise and commitment in media manufacturing.

The only vinyl record pressing manufacturing in Guang Zhou-China

Following the market trend, YONGTONG-V is a lifestyle record pressing manufacturing for 7" & 12" inch records with printing and packaging. All production steps are based in our manufacturing plant. We help you to produce a spectacular analogue media product to leverage your cost.

From majors to independents, we specialize in delivering the highest caliber product with excellent services. We are the only vinyl manufacturing plant in Guang Zhou-China.

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